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Bellflower Middle/High School

Principal Welcome Message:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2023-24 school year at Bellflower Middle/High School. I am honored to be the principal of Bellflower Middle/High School, a school with a rich tradition and legacy of excellence. We are excited to be able to communicate with you and continue to strengthen our ties with our community.

School Description and Mission Statement (2023-2024)

As a part of the Bellflower Unified School District, we build futures. Bellflower Middle/High School opened in 1951 with an enrollment of 690 students from the cities of Bellflower and Lakewood. Over the years, the student population has grown and now Bellflower Middle/High School is home to approximately 2,050 students. The Bellflower campus includes both a middle school and a high school and services students in grades seven through twelve.

Bellflower has earned a reputation of academic excellence through the hard work of our students, teachers, parents, and staff. Bellflower provides a wide array of challenging academic courses, a variety of athletic teams that play in first class facilities, outstanding visual and performing arts programs, and social opportunities for all students. We encourage you to experience our school culture, one that is focused on providing students with the academic and social resources to prepare them for college and for life.

Bellflower Middle/High School offers a safe learning environment that promotes intellectual growth, creativity, and respect for self and others. Our faculty and staff are high-quality educators, mentors and leaders who are passionate about preparing our students for the ever-changing future challenges they face.

We are committed to providing each student with an appropriate and challenging educational experience in a respectful environment that fosters learning through positive relationships among students, adults, and our diverse community.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our school and are excited to share our Buc Pride with you.

The school’s mission and vision is to provide all students with rigorous, challenging academic programs and classroom instruction of the highest quality of what students must know and perform upon graduation from high school. Our comprehensive standards-based instructional program ensures that all students are connected to the school in meaningful ways through academic programs, extracurricular activities, sports, leadership and career-based learning. Our students can select from a broad range of courses and curricular paths, including Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses, visual and performing arts courses, vocational education and Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway offerings, and English Language Development classes that enable them to achieve the State of California and District academic performance standards. The high school honors and Advanced Placement classes reinforce students’ commitment to academic excellence as students explore subjects in breadth and depth. The extensive elective program in the high school hosts learning in world languages, visual and performing arts, industrial technology, business, and athletics. These performance standards are aligned with the University of California and California State University (UC/CSU) subject a-g requirements and the expected school wide learning goals, resulting in a strong foundation to continue their pursuit for a college education and occupational success in the workplace.

The mission of our school is through rigorous and engaging college, career, and co-curricular opportunities, Bellflower Middle/High School develops students who are empowered to be lifelong learners and leaders in an every-changing global society.

Upon graduating, Bellflower Buccaneers are:

●       Ethical Decision Makers

●       Effective Communicators

●       Collaborative Workers

●       Critical Thinkers

●       Quality Producers

We have outstanding teachers who accept the challenge to be the best they can be on a daily basis. Our teachers are facilitators of learning opportunities for students and want students to experience meaningful personal growth every day.

One of our goals is to create a school atmosphere of respect among administrators, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and community members. Through collaboration, positive relationships will develop within our school. These relationships will lead to an atmosphere where people feel appreciated, supported, and trusted. Mutual trust and respect brings out the best in people.

Finally, our major goal is to develop critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens who actively participate in their individual learning and are fully prepared to embrace the future. To achieve this goal, sometimes change is needed. Change is not something to fear, but should be viewed as an opportunity to grow and improve. Change should be a constant in a school that is growing and improving, like Bellflower Middle/High School.

Opportunities for Parental Involvement (Current School Year)

Family and community support are an integral part of the school. Without this vital link, the goals set in the mission and vision statements of the school would be unachievable. The collaborative support of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), parent booster clubs, College and Career Center, college and university partnerships, business associates, club organizations, and School Site Council provide extraordinary resources and decision-making opportunities where everyone works for the best interests of students.

Making parents feel welcome is a priority for the school.  To all parents, I encourage you to stay involved in your child’s education.  By working together and remaining involved, parents send a clear message about the importance of their child’s education. Family involvement is essential to student success.  A coordinated effort between the community and the school provides a safe and nurturing environment for all students. Parents are leaders in decision-making in the PTSA, on the School Site Council, on the English Learner Advisory Committee, and as parent volunteers. The newly opened Family Resource Center is an additional opportunity for parents and a point of contact between the school and parents.

In order to build public confidence, education partners can follow Bellflower Middle-High through our website, social media apps (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) and other forms of communication elicit active participation and support for school programs.

Bellflower Middle/High School offers the Parent Education Bridge for Student Achievement Foundation (PEBSAF) at our school each Fall. Additionally, there are many parent nights (Math Night, FASFA Night, College Night and many more) in which parents can participate.





Bellflower Middle/High Schoool is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).