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Welcome to the Bellflower Middle/High School Library/Media Page!

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Library General Information and Rules

  • Library is open 9:30am until 4:00pm on Monday's; 8:00am until 4:00pm Tuesday through Friday's including lunch & snack. When entering the library with your class, first sit at the tables and await your teacher’s/librarian’s instructions.
  • Books may be checked out for a four-week period. If you need to renew a book, you need to bring it into the library to do so. Do not put it in the book slot if you want to renew it.
  • You may have up to three library books at one time, but only one book of a series (i.e. Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.)
  • You may NOT check out library material if you have anything overdue (text or library).
  • If you have books to return, drop them in the return slot in the counter as you enter.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to print your work or bring your book to the counter for check out. The library does not write late passes.
  • Do not come to the library during passing period. The library does not write late passes.
  • The library is not a playground. There is never an excuse for running around in the library. You will be asked to sit down until the period is over if you are caught running or playing.
  • Always use a “library voice”.
  • All school rules are fully enforced in the library. This includes dress code, use of cell phones, etc.
  • Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK
  • You may print your assigned projects in black-and-white or color at no cost.

Did you know the Library also has magazines?

Sports Illustrated, Game Informer, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Popular Science, Popular Mechanic, and Teen Vogue!!

Need to do Research for a Class Assignment or Project?

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Library Hours


9:30am - 4:00pm



Librarian William Hiser

Mr. William Hiser, Librarian

Library Clerk Judy Barenchi

Ms. Judy Barenchi, Library Clerk


Library Clerk Kelly Van Sickle

Ms. Kelly Van Sickle, Library Clerk