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Athletic Clearance Information

Bellflower High School is going DIGITAL with Athletic Clearance Packets. Please follow the procedures to complete Athletic Clearance for student athletes.

Step 1: Go to – Then click on California. You may select a language of your preference at the top of the website.

Step 2: Click “Register” and follow the directions to create your account.

Step 3: Once you have created your account, click on “Start Clearance Here!” and follow the on screen directions to complete the athletic clearance process.

Step 4: Download the following forms...

Physical Form Download: Be sure to download the school’s physical form and get it filled out by your doctor. You may also use your family doctor’s form, if available. Click here for a copy of the school's physical form.

Concussion Sympton Checklist Download: Be sure to also download the Concussion Symptom Checklist, fill it out, and upload to Athletic Clearance. Click here for a copy of the Concussion Symptom Checklist form.

Helpful Tip: To upload the required forms, you can take a picture on your phone or scan and upload them.

Once completed, the packet will be reviewed by the Athletic Director and you will receive an email stating the status and/or approval of completion.

Please save your log-in information in a safe place or bookmark it on your device. All information entered on will be saved and will be accessible for future use.

Click here for a copy of the step by step directions with graphics.

Click here for a copy of additional athletic clearance instructions.

If you have questions, please e-mail:
Athletic Director – Bryce Christensen

Assistant Principal – Brittany Gasper

or call the Activities & Athletics Office
at (562) 920-1801 Ext. 3080

Other Information...


Specific information about dates, times, and locations will be available from the Athletic Director - Mr. Christensen or from the head coach of each specific sport


Candidates for an athletic team must have a physical examination. A physician's statement must be on file with the school


Permission to participate on an athletic team must be provided through the parent's/guardian's signature on athletic clearance forms


Candidates for an athletic team must have insurance. Insurance may be family insurance. If insurance is needed, Insurance may be purchased through Myers Stevens & Toohey & Co. at


Students who participate/compete on a Bellflower High School Athletic team are encouraged to purchase an ASB Student Body Card through the ASB office. Athletes may receive varsity letters and emblems, if they are ASB Cardholders. Additionally, the purchase of an ASB Card provides great financial assistance to our school's athletic program.


California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) requires that an athlete must have passed four or more subjects and have a 2.0 GPA during the previous grading period to academically eligible. All athletes should enroll in a minimum of five subjects. In calculating a student's GPA, only once physical education/athletic course may be included.

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